Cassidy Jones, P.A.

He's short, he's got a grenade and a lot of drugs. You should run.



Hit Points 29
Action Points 20
Borrow/Carryover 5
Initiative 2d10 +3
Common Sense 25
Movement 15
Ambushin’ 30
Ass Whoopin’ 4
Serious Wound 8
Awesomeness 4

Traits & Perks/Quirks

Horrible LARPing Accident

One Friday night while wasted on Mike’s Cranberry (closest you could pass off as virgin blood), while wearing a lace collared gimp suit, you were plastered by two rednecks with a red fist painted on their truck. Once every 24 hours, you can take a monster crap to swap out this trait for another one. Doing this deals 6 pain to you when it happens. Character generation effects occur in-game at the GM’s discretion, and are not permanent (i.e. reduced BP purchases).

PLAYER NOTE: This is usually switched with Urban Cowboy or White Michael Jackson

Mysterious Stranger

Someone out there is using your name, and you don’t know who it is. It seems to be helping, at least for now. Melee, Intimidation, Street Connections, Misdirection, Dealers, Gambling, Drugability, Pharmacology, and Bullshitting skills start at +13%. In addition, Contact costs are reduced by 10% since everyone wants to be your friend—or at least not your enemy. Whoever that person is, they’ve cleaned out your bank accounts: your starting cash is limited to $1200.

Cantrip (2)

You have two specific Awakened abilities that you’ve focused, and can cast at at Force 5 with Burning, Duress Casting, and Quick Casting. (specify: Smashing Blow, Physical Barrier)

Used Car Salesman

If you are caught in a situation that would normally go instantly hostile (stealing, breaking and entering, screwing someone’s daughter, etc.), you get one chance to talk your way out of it. It won’t be easy, so make it good.

Just A Little Dude

Your dimunitive stature gives you an extra +5 bonus when using cover. (cumulative)

Notable skills

Intimidation 21
Personality 20
Bullshitting 44
Leadership 20
Misdirection 33
Local Area 33
Street Connections 33
Stealth 12
Perception 12
Endurance 12

Tagged: Assault Rifles, Bullshitting, & Drugability

Magic – Cantrip (2): Smashing Blow, Physical Barrier

Max Force 5
Short Range 200
Med. Range 500
Long Range 1250
Duress Casting
Quick Casting


Cassidy Jones, P.A.

Awesome Run - Mike Discomancer